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The Badowo kitchen is worthy of attention both as a specific place, but also as a culinary phenomenon. The spacious room is equipped with all the faciilitues necessary to provide meals for groups up to two hundred guests.
Badowo Folwark is the place for frequent meetings of connoisseurs of the Polish cuisine.  Our kitchen staff works under the friendly supervision of the culinary critic, Peter Bikont. The menu has been developed over many years, and is based on original receipts coming from various regions and our best culinary experiences. Often we use vegetables and herbs from our own garden. We prepare our own pickles, smelt pork and goose lard, make home-made jam and bake our own bread. We also provide a bar. There is a cellar with fine wines, delicious spirits, and a wide selection of both well-  and little-known beers.

  • Folwark Badowo
    ul. Piekarska 31
    96- 320 Badów Górny
    tel.: +48 46 857 17 90
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    Zużyte w naszym folwarku tłuszcze oddawane są do utylizacji
    Do sprzątania, jako nawóz dla roślin i jako probiotyk dla zwierząt używamy EM - ów, czyli efektywnych mikroorganizmów.